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Positive Coaching Alliance

PGSL believes strongly in the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) principles and believes that youth sports, especially softball, help our children in school, the workplace and life. Promoting a “Development Zone®”, “Filling Emotional Tanks”, focusing on “Effort, Learning and ability to persist through Mistakes and adversity”, and “Honoring the Game” are the core concepts that the PCA provides; Power of Positive. PGSL offers a great opportunity for youth athletes to learn about team chemistry, purpose, and improving their individual and team performance in a positive and fun environment.

Positive Coaching


Skills and Drills

Our Skills and Drills document is a booklet to help you teach the game of softball. At PGSL, we feel it is important that our players get consistent instruction. Therefore it is our desire that as players progress through the league, the skills and methods being taught are essentially the same from one team to the next. This booklet represents our “curriculum” of what we ask that you teach your players. The skills and methods presented here are based on skills taught at Division 1 College softball programs. So, even though your players may be young now, if they start to learn proper mechanics early, they will not have to re-learn skills as they get older. This will maximize the development of their skills, which will maximize their enjoyment of the game.

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2017 Rules - All Divisions

In addition to the USA-Softball rules, PGSL utilizes modified "House Rules" for each age level. Please see your division director for rule clarifications.

House Rules

Coaches Background Check/ACE Training

Coaches are required to complete the ACE Training with Background Check each year. Coaches may request refund payment when submitting proof of certification to their division director. When registering for the first time, please select “CA - Northern California“ (division can be "N/A").

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Tri-Valley Softball Training Resources 

Looking for more pitching, hitting or overall training?  

Hit Lab

TPC - Total Player Center  (Use Discount code "PGSLTPC" when signing up for clinics and lessons)

Double Diamond Sports Academy


On-Line Resources

Beginner videos: 

Catching a Softball

Fielding A Softball

Throwing a Softball

Throwing Drills

Hitting Grip and Stance

Hitting Basic Drills

Hitting Follow Through

Running to First Base

Pitching Basics

Catching Basics

Intermediate Videos:

YSPN360 Full Game Drills (also on YouTube)

Catching a Fly Ball

Tony Gwynn Hitting 101

Amanda Scarborough Batters Box Routine

Matt Lisle's Hitting Tips

Rich Balswick Pitching 


Best Movie Ever Made About 10 Year Old Girl's Softball

All Stars Trailer



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